Ashby Genealogy
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Arthur FARR's sister: Dacia Elizabeth Josephine FARR

Family of Arthur Lionel FARR and Clarice MOORE

Husband: Arthur Lionel FARR (1906- )
Wife: Clarice MOORE ( - )
Children: Anne Dacia FARR

Husband: Arthur Lionel FARR

Name: Arthur Lionel FARR
Sex: Male
Father: Arthur Edwin Clement FARR (1877-1959)
Mother: Minnie BICKLEY (1885-1954)
Birth 1906

Wife: Clarice MOORE

Name: Clarice MOORE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Anne Dacia FARR

Name: Anne Dacia FARR
Sex: Female
Spouse: Michael WOODWARD ( - )